Two things

I cannot tell you how much I dislike the cheapie Dritz sewing gauge. They bend, they break and that stupid blue slider doesn’t stay put. Here’s how mine has looked the past six months. I refused to replace it.

I Y  Sigrid. For about six months Sigrid collected Knip Modes for me. When they got to me, inside the package was this sewing gauge.

I love that it’s in centimeters, because it’s easier for me to find 1.5 than 5/8 on my tape measure. I will love this “zoommaatje” until I accidentally leave it on the floor and step on it and break it (not that I did that with my glasses last year. Or my mother’s five years ago). Then, I will wish someone else had done it, so I could be mad at them instead of myself.

I’m still slowly working on the 9-2007-115 BWOF pants. Slowly.

Yesterday I got through the pockets and side yoke construction.

I’m using a contrast print for the lining and pocket bag.

The pockets look a little worked over, but they are in. I’m not happy with the side yoke insertion (right hand corner photo below). Next time, I’m going to mark the seam lines so I get a nice square rather than a wonky curvy mess.

The next step is the fly front. Which I am avoiding. It’s just sitting on my cutting table giggling like Chucky.

Thanks for the great comments on the Betty Shopper! And thanks for the thoughtful comments on my finger. It’s not horrible. Just ugly and a little painful. The bad thing about growing up with two nurses who worked in Army Hospitals for parents, with two older brothers who thought it was fun to play ‘helicopter’ with you — is that it takes passing out or imminent death before you go to a doctor.

At least I can still sew!