One reason my pants are taking an eternity to finish, is that I’ve been making some stuff for other people. Yes, I swore it off. But, there was begging and pleading and money exchanged.

An apron for a friend of a friend. It’s Butterick 6567, View B. Easy peasey, no fitting needed. Intern Emily is modeling this reversible apron.

The fabric was from a New York fabric trip almost two years ago with Aunt Judy. Maybe $4 a yard?

It was also Intern Emily’s last day

Last week my dad stopped by and walked into my sewing room. After the shock of seeing where my disposable income goes, he picked up my sleeve board, asking where he could get one.

My dad is Jamaican and told me that when he was growing up, everyone had pressing tools and this one was called an “iron horse“. So much cooler sounding than sleeve board. I told him he could have mine and I’ll pick up another one.