And, it was a good day

This post is super short because I spent ALL day in DC (for work and fun) and I’m pooped, but look what I got for my birthday! A trip to G Street and a visit from Christina (read her post here)! Yes, the photo is crooked and that is a finger in the upper left and we can’t stop laughing because the clerk was a caricature of someone who doesn’t know how to use a digital camera.

And, they have the raincoat fabric from last week’s post in baby blue and lavender. And they aren’t afraid to call it Burberry!

And, since I was in DC all day, I even got to see Trena who gave me this beautiful stretch silk charmeuse from her trip to Vietnam.

Whew. Getting older kinda sucked about 12:01 this morning, almost 24 hours later, it’s not so bad.