My friend Beery went to Spain last week and brought back not one but two Patrones magazines. She also got engaged while she was there. She was thoughtful enough to give me the magazines first and then show me her ring, lol! When I tried to pay her back and she said. “Don’t worry about it. They were on every newstand and were just a couple of Euros.” Just a couple of Euros?? On every newstand? Sigh. Clearly, I owe her a bottle of champagne.

The first is Fiesta Especial #266 which Tany specifically suggested I look for. Now, I know why. Below, are my favorites.

How pretty is this orange dress? I’m not sure what the crinkle fabric is called, but you can bet I’ll be looking for some this summer. Mama needs another formal and a cocktail dress before the year is over. You can actually see this dress on the Matilde Cano website.

Just click on her name, enter / entrar, catalgo, and alma de tango.  It’s there in the middle of the slideshow. Gorgeous.

I don’t like the keyhole of this Toypes dress, but I really love the style of the dress.

And the back is wonderful.

I love all the frothy layers of this wedding dress

She also found the Joven edition, #267. There were fewer things I was enthralled with in this edition.

But, I am 100 percent in love with this Gucci dress. But, I have nowhere to possibly wear it. But, I will lust in my heart for it. Actually, with another inch or too, it might work for a cocktail dress.

I think I owned this in 1983, but it was in terry cloth and I was eight years old.
Love the Chanel blouse, love the Prada mini skirt. I haven’t worn a mini skirt in about seven years because they are always too big in the waist. Maybe this summer will be my last mini skirt hurrah. 
This is very simple, but so elegant.

Ahh Patrones! If you want to see something truly beautiful and creative from Patrones, take a stroll over to Assorted Notions and see what Christina made with some fabric I sent her from Ghana. A-mazing.

Oh, and the directions for Patrones are no better than BWOF, and in Spanish. Which, I don’t read. Yet, the clothes can be a little more complicated.

She also picked up the April Burda in Spanish. Over the weekend, I’ll show you a comparison with the English version.