I am *such* a liar

Remember how in my last two posts I said I was going to work on some easy knit tops? Dude, I am such a liar. Instead of some easy, uncomplicated knit tops, I’m tackling this flirty vest from the February 2008 edition of BWOF. My fashion fabric is black on black cotton seersucker that Carolyn kindly picked up for me in NYC after Cindy sent me a sample.

What’s making this a little more complicated? Well, for this one, I’m using a lot of the techniques from Sandra Betzina’s Power Sewing. She’s got a great chapter on vests. I thought this would be a good way to break me in to the tailored jacket I’m going to do (with G*d as my witness) before the year is over.

How, you might ask, did I arrive at this despite last week’s declarations? Well, I’ve had two different vests in mind since early March (the BWOF and the Patrones on the left). But, over the weekend I was talking to a supercute guy and said I was thinking of making a vest and he said, and I quote, “I think women in vests are very sexy.” Really. Next thing I know I’m thinking through the whole process of making this vest and couldn’t focus on the rest of the movie. I think a man with an interest in what women wear (who is himself not interested in wearing said women’s clothes) is very sexy. Later this week I’ll show some of the tailoring elements I’m incorporating into it.

The rest of the weekend was spent tooling around the house and attending a fondue-fueled, mani-pedi bachelorette send off for my BFF Julia (bottom left) who gets married next month. I’m wearing #107 from the July 2007 BWOF reviewed here. I’ll be getting on that modesty panel this weekend I think 🙂 Ok. I’m a prude. I’ll leave the neckline alone, lol.