Gossip Girl and Betty Paige

So, I’m not a watcher of Gossip Girl. Despite having all of season 1 on Tivo, I never bothered to watch or get in to it. Yet, I’ve seen the actors popping up everywhere. This week, an actress made US Weekly’s Star Style wearing a Bettie Paige ‘Captain’ dress. Available at Blue Vintage, the dress retails for $136. Really, not that pricey in the grand scheme of things.

While I think it’s sweet, it’s not a look for me or practical for my life. But, for kicks, it’s an adorable look. I chuckled when I saw this dress, because it reminded me of #136 from the April 2004 BWOF.

04-2004-136 BWOF

The looks are so similar, and you could even modify if it a bit by doubling the bib, closing the slits and adding a kick pleat in the back. Hmm, who knows. Maybe this will be a RTW Knockoff for me next year.