I sewed myself into a corner

This is how my vest looked for over an hour today. What happened? Well, I took the lining and attached it to the vest by sewing around the neck and armholes. The original pattern calls for a bias strip finish on the armholes but with the lining I figured I could get a clean finish. I also assumed I could pull it all out through the shoulders and down the bottom since I had not attached the peplum yet.

Now, I think Marji’s accident is awful. But, being laid up has let that woman be my 911 emergency sewing hotline the last two weeks. A quick email to her crying ‘uncle’ when the s.o.b. wouldn’t turn out and she sent this information back:

what you want to do is:

1. stitch shoulder seams attaching fronts to backs
2. stitch neckline seam and understitch if necessary – you would have first attached the collar in this instance
3. stitch the armhole seams – you would have first attached the ruffle in this instance
4. pull the fronts through the shoulder seam to the back, press everything well
5. open out the garment and stitch the side seams on your lining and your fashion fabric. I like to stitch bottom to top (underarm) then flip it over and stitch bottom to top(underarm) of the lining, rather than just stitching all the way.

She also referred me to this pattern review (the whole review should be a tip!) with directions on how to make a lined, sleeveless garment. Duly noted for next time.

So, I let the sides out in both the seersucker and lining, pulled the vest through and closed it all up. Tonight I attached the peplum and now, it’s almost done. I just need to do my buttonholes and slipstitch the lining closed.

For the shoulder ruffles, I also used silk organza, serged them, turned under once and zig zag stitched.

Hopefully, I’ll finish up tomorrow night after work and show you by Wednesday. Then, I should start on the matching pants. But, I bet you I make an easy knit dress instead.

And thank you for all the wonderful comments from Sunday’s post. I just want to go on record and say that I told you the cop was supercute! And you wonder why I got cracking on the vest. Which I was totally going to make anyway. It just got moved up in the que.