Ruffled Vest, done

Well, I finished the BWOF 2-2008-116 waistcoat a little early! Since I regularly work until 8:00 p.m., I’m trying to to manage my schedule better and go in a little later in the morning. So, this morning, with an hour to spare, I went ahead and put in the buttonholes for the waistcoat. I, um, also could have ironed it, but, I was running late for work and *really* wanted to wear it!
I’m so glad I decided to line the vest so it looks finished on the inside too! Although, without a shirt, you can kind of see the lining from the side (in the shoulder area) I love how the corners came out with the peplum.

I’m quite taken with the ruffles. I have to say though, this is an incredibly unique looking garment. I feel a little like I could fly away in it. I like it in the black, but I think the pattern details would be far more visible in a more obvious stripe.

I think that things also got a little stretched out in my lining wrestling session. Also, wonky pockets. I definitely didn’t place them correctly. But, in the black, you hardly notice. Unfortunately, it’s not quite warm enough to wear sans blouse yet. But, I quite like it with the turtleneck too!
I do want to make a matching pair of pants this summer. Because these wrinkly things could not fit me worse. Big in the waist, tight in the thighs. Yuck. Whiskers in the crotch area are never a good thing.

This was a GREAT introduction to some tailoring techniques. It definitely has the heft and structure I was looking for.

I’m going to wear it out this weekend (hopefully without the shirt). I’ll take photos of it then too.