Can it be done?

First, thanks everyone for the great comments on the vest. I’m fairly pleased with my little foray into tailoring and look forward to improving each time. I actually think I would make this vest again. But, not before I get to the other three on my list.

Some good news, I have just scored free tickets through work for the Hootie and the Blowfish concert in August. The lead singer is my boyfriend Darius Rucker. Well, he doesn’t know he’s my boyfriend and his wife might have a problem with it, but whatev. The last time they were popular, so were vests. The good thing about this is that the request list at the office for their tickets was comprised of me.

I look a little bleary. It was about 3:00 a.m. on a school night
This was actually my Christmas and Hanukkah card two years ago. It said, ‘Have a Hootie Hanukkah’ or ‘Have a Hootie Holiday’. I crack me up sometimes.

As I mentioned, I want to make matching pants for the vest. I wanted to pick something really simple because I feel like a lot of style lines are lost in the seersucker and in the black. I also wanted something wider legged but not billowy. And, I’m still getting over my fear of the fly front. So, I’m going with BWOF’s 5-2007-112. Leslie in Austin had beautiful results with her version on last year.

Simple. No pockets, curved waistband. I’m not doing a muslin for these. Instead, I’ll make up my lining with a protruding seat adjustment a la “Sewing Pants That Fit” from the Singer Sewing Reference Library.

This is done by making a 1/2 wedge at the hipline (and sometimes extending the crotch point). I added 1/4 – 1/2 inch to the crotch point because, I have, er, *full* thighs. This seems to work against the ‘chub rub’ I got when I made knickers back in December.
The darts in back are teeny, but should allow me to take from there and the CB in case I need a bigger sway back adjustment.

I’ll construct the lining tonight with muslin for the waistband and make any changes needed to the pattern based on how that fits. Then, I’ll try and get the pants made by tomorrow night. Try.

Finally, did y’all know it’s Preakness Weekend here in Baltimore? It’s funny, because I got this Vogue hat pattern with the thought that I was going to Preakness again this year. But, I bailed. I think it’s going to rain and I’m too cheap to bet. I just wanted to wear the hat! Maybe next year.

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