Pay no attention to my lack of pants

My pants were a mini-fiasco. The lining was so tight my legs looked like sausage in casing. I’ve since:1. Made the needed alterations to the pattern (huge protruding seat, down one size in the waist and up two through the legs, and another sway back adjustment)

2. Made the drive of shame to Joanns late late at night for supplies

3. Have new lining and fashion fabric cut out and partly sewn.

I should be finished by this weekend. I’m also working at breakneck speed to take off Friday and turn this weekend into a four day sewing weekend!

So, in lieu of pants (or photos of the alterations) I will distract you from my non-muslin making stupidity with photos the staff photographer took of me last week at two different events in clothes I’ve made.

Betty Shopper Bag, BWOF Cape, BWOF Dress

There is a thread on about actually wearing the clothes you make. Now, I know it was in the beginners section. But, I have ALWAYS worn everything I made. I wish I had a camera 10 years ago to see what they actually looked like — wonky seams and all. Maybe my mom will weigh in on that one. I was so excited to have something new to put on, I wore it *gladly*.

BWOF 9-2003-134, Betty Shopper Bag

Tonight, copiuous amounts of tracing in preperation for the all-sewing weekend!