Sewing Weekend Skirt Series

Reethi asked in the comments of my last post if I always dress up for work. The fact is, I’m actually usually on the underdressed side for my office. Suits are definitely the norm and I tend to err on the nice dress, heels and hose side. Which is partly why I’m obsessed with tailoring more of my garments and getting the hang of pants. Luckily, my boss is a bit of a fashion plate and summer is more casual so the dresses work out well.

I’m hoping that adding some coordinates to my closet will expand my range. A month ago, Sewing Diva Phyillis said she doesn’t buy anything if it doesn’t go with two other items in the closet. I’m taking on that mantra this year. I’m not making anything if it can’t go with two other items. Ok, I’ll start with one other item and work my way up to two because I gots no coordinates right now.
So, this weekend I want to make the following three skirts. Muslins will be made for two of the three. Still figuring out my Patrones fit. As I post the finished product, I’ll post the magazine and pattern numbers.

After the skirts, I want to make two white tops. I have the fabric, but I haven’t quite settled on which patterns yet. I’m hoping they will come to me tomorrow as I’m tracing and cutting.
The pants are done! Just need hemming and slipstitching of the zipper. They are so basic and devoid of any style details that you will be totally underwhelmed when I get around to taking a pic. But, they blessedly fit.

If you were planning on coming to the Wheaton Library on Saturday to see Trena and I, don’t. That lucky (expletive) is going back to Paris for work. Perhaps she’ll smuggle me back some French bread. We’re going to reschedule, just not sure when yet.