Mid Skirt(s) and I’m a joiner

Hope you all had a great weekend. My interest in going back to work today is nil. But, only four days until the weekend, eh? Sewing weekend was awesome. But, I don’t have a single completed skirt to show you.

The Vera Moda green and white skirt is hanging here. I decided after construction that I wanted to line it. The clothespin is marking the four inches I need to cut off the bottom. It hit me mid calf. Yuck.

Overall, I am loving it. I consulted with my stylist (Carolyn) and she agreed that I should leave off the bottom trim.

The Roberto Musso skirt is still hanging. It’s a circle skirt with pleat insets. It’s going to be one heck of a hemming (probably by hand) and I’m not quite up to it yet.

The Chole skirt in the Banana Republic print is half cut out. I did a single layer cut because the silk twill is very slippery and I wanted to do my best to match the chain link. I decided yesterday afternoon that I needed to underline it in cotton batiste, so that’s got to get cut out too. Oh, here’s a photo I found on eBay of an original BR dress in the same print. Nice, huh?

I’m also signed up for the Great Coat Sew Along that Marji is running. I’m making a red raincoat from this September 2006 BWOF (#103). Mine won’t be as long since I’m one yard short of the requirement. I also plan on doing a button out wool lining.

Simultaneously, I’ll work on a jacket from the April 2002 BWOF. Which will be great to have this fall.

And now, to the office.