My Car is a Colossal Waste of Money

Warning: I am about to launch into a non-sewing rant.

Today, I had to call the plumber in because the tub in the main bathroom was leaking water all over the floor and through the ceiling and into the living room. While I have two bathrooms and I am content to just use one, I have company coming at the end of the month and realize one of the *pleasures* of home ownership is taking care of your property.

The plumber quoted me a price around the $1,500 mark to fix said problem. My house is 60 years old (which I love. New homes don’t interest me much). There’s always a little something wrong. But, I’m lucky that the plumber is a friend and is cutting me a break.

At any rate, while seething about this chunk of change and the insane amount of plaster dust spewed across my hardwood floors his cutting out my ceiling caused (trying to figure out if I could do the drywall ceiling repair myself), it occurred to me that my car is sucking me dry.

Do you realize (and I’m sure I’m not the only one) that between my car payment, my insurance and one tank of gas a week — I’m spending $600 a month on my car. MY CAR.

I’m actually not complaining about the price of gas. We use too much and we’ve been spoiled for years with low prices (I remember as a kid in Germany that the US Government used to subsidize our gas).

But, I am complaining that I live in a city and public transportation is a$. And that people who take public transportation are looked down upon rather than applauded for saving the environment and money. Sigh. Maybe next year I’ll give up the convenience of a car and try to get by on the bus and the kindness of others. It could be a great experiment. Christina and her husband are a one car family, maybe I could do it. Except, I would be a no-car single person. But, you get my drift.

On a fashion note. I picked up the latest InStyle, which I never buy. There were so many cute clothes that caught my eye. The two below are of paticular interest because I have very similar fabrics.

Catherine Malandrino, $590, Cotton Voile
The second fabric from the left from West Coast PR Wknd is nicely embellished
Molly New York, Cotton dress, $217

The purple and blue wax print from Ghana.

But, no dresses until later this summer. I’m still focused on coordinates. And clearly, shopping from the stash.

And now, I’m off with a glass of wine and a book.

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