The Boys in White Are Back…

So one of the fun things about my job is repping my boss when we have foreign training vessels in the Baltimore Harbor. Because of other work, I missed last month’s ships from Spain and the one from the Netherlands. But, last night, I attended a reception for the Uruguayan Sailing Training Ship, ‘Capitan Miranda’ and tonight, I’m going to one for a ship from Brazil (the Greenhalgh). I feel that I *must* make some sailor pants soon.

Not only is this good for practicing my sad, sad Spanish it’s kind of just a fun social outlet. And, I do like men in uniform. I did not make this dress. The bottom is black and pink ruffles. I bought it for about $12 at C-Mart two years ago. It also appears from this photo that the 95 degree day melted all the makeup off my face. Bleh.

This time, they also had tango dancers perform ship side and other performers that reminded me of Carnival in Grenada. I took a short recording on my little camera.

Thanks to for the understanding and support on my house/car/finances. The plumber is back on Saturday to finish the job. It’s going to be all day with no water. So, I’m going to strip and sand my front door while he’s here. It’s needed doing for three years now and it seems like as good a time as any.