The Miracle of Photoshop and the Kindess of Others

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Dude. Debbie Cook is awesome. She photoshopped different colors for the front door. Hunh, just noticed that she also added my awning, lol.

I should point out that the windows and doors are covered in siding. So white they will stay. I also have two rectangular flower boxes in the same yellow as the porch furniture. I’d like to do some shade plants in those.

How I wish for the window boxes of flowers that I used to see as a kid in Germany! Might make the lovely window unit less obvious.

So far I love the bright lemon on top and deep gold on the bottom. Which is funny, because I thought the cobalt blue *would* be my favorite. I also like the inclusion of the West Indian blue on the bottom because a Tiffany blue had crossed my mind. I’m still letting it marinate before a final decision and will pick up paint tomorrow after work.

Overall, your opinions were awesome becuase ALL were colos were colors I wouldn’t have even considered! I was at a total loss.