What color should I paint my front door?

While I love clothes, color, fashion, etc. my strength is in matching fabric to pattern. I’m not confident at home decor and matching colors. So, I turn to you my friends and ask: What color should I paint my front door?

My porch furniture is pale yellow and white.

My awning (which goes up this weekend) is white with green and purple/violet stripes.

I do have a white security door though (the metal thing on the door).

The only colors I don’t want are forest/dark green or dark red. And the mailbox (hauled all the way from Italy) and street # sign could be painted to match I think. Other than the green / red bit, I’m open to suggestions / ideas.

I might love me some Spandex House. I swim three times a week and go through swimsuits like shampoo. While I found a decent outlet where I can get them for about $30 a pair incl. shipping, it’s still kind of pricey when you think that it’s about one yard of fabric for a suit. It’s also been a crap shoot on how they will fit (cover) my rear. Plus, I’m pitching suits every couple of months.

So, I ordered a couple from Spandex House before lunch and they were waiting at the house the next day. They had a ZILLION to choose from on their site. I picked two for muslins and two to make suits from. I do realize you see a flag. But, don’t think of it as a flag. Think of it as my Wonder Woman Underroos from the early 80s. I see that there is now an adult version. But, maybe I’ll live out my inner Olympian in the muslin phase.

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