A *great* find

I have no idea when I’m going to get back to my sewing machine. My NYC plans this weekend are busted (just too much going on and have to get the plumbing done Saturday), and I owe Trena a visit Sunday afternoon.

So, in the meantime, this will be a ‘wishful sewing’ and ‘home improvement’ blog.

Below is a photo of part of my front door. It’s pretty much weathered and cracked like this all over. I’ve needed to take care of it for the past two years. But, you know. There was sewing to be done instead.

And a big THANKS to Carol Trendall.  She pointed out in yesterday’s comments that the brown heart swimwear I picked up from Spandex House for $8 carries the Roxy logo. 

$48 bikini top from Roxy.com