Tonight I pre-treated my rain coat fabric. First, I washed the tan I purchased from Denver Fabrics to keep in the stash for a future project. The instructions say the stuff is machine washable. Cold water, gentle cycle, delicate dry. Lovely.
Then I put in my four yards of red from Michael’s and the additional two from Denver Fabrics (I needed the extra to make my trench). Again, the Michael’s fabric washed up lovely. But, the Denver red??

It separated into two different layers before it made it to the dryer (that’s the inside layer you’re seeing). I am so pissed off.

And they are sold out of the red on the website.

And were closed when I called to scream bloody murder. So, I had to settle for an irate email telling them I had a defective cut.

I guess my coat will have to be shorter than I want or I’m going to have to thread baste / underline these two yards together to make it work.

In case you were wondering what makes it waterproof — there is a layer of plastic something or the other sandwiched between.

I am going to do something else now so I can stop thinking about this.

But, let the record show: I AM PISSED. And someone (that would be YOU Denver Fabrics) owes me $15.50 + S&H.