Mid Course Correction

I’ve decided to make a different coat for the Coat Sew Along. Why? Well, I’m short the fabric I need to make the full-length trench I had my heart set on and I decided to find a pattern with raglan sleeves since the fabric might be difficult to ease.
Burda Easy Fashion Magazine, Fall 2007/ Winter 2008 edition (sold out from GLP News, but maybe available through GCNEws?
I’m going to make this coat #1F. I’m going to extend the sleeves to full-length. The origami trim will be the reverse of the fabric so I can show off the stripes. Easy Fashion is only available in German and Russian from GLP News. But, I am sure I can sort this out (I have the German edition).

I should get cracking on that muslin soon, hunh?

I also made a muslin of swim shorts today from a 2005 Patrones (July-August #234). It took 5 minutes to trace and 5 minutes to construct on my serger. Attaching the elastic on my zig-zag maybe took 20. I had no idea swim shorts were so easy. It’s just ONE pattern piece! There is *no* side seam!

I’ve always wanted to wear swim shorts, but they never seemed to have enough coverage over the cheeks and always seemed so tight around the thigh (think sausage in casing). There is some wrinkling in the crotch (believe me, the direction of the stripes down there were unintentional) that I wouldn’t mind eliminating. But, I’m not sure the cause.

These were made using some sweatshirt fabric I had laying around.

  • I added 1/2 inch to the length of the leg and two inches to the center back seam to accommodate for my full seat
  • Removed one inch from the center front so they would sit a little lower on the waist
  • I traced the largest size, a 48.

I don’t know that these are the MOST flattering for my body type. But, I love the coverage, the no-ride factor and the sporty feel. I’ll work on a muslin for a top soon.

My water is back on! But, I’m still stripping paint from the front door. Maybe painting by next weekend.

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  1. Hi there! I just came across your site and these swim shorts. They are so cute!!

    You mention you love these shorts for the coverage, no-ride factor and sporty feel. Do they really not ride up?? And, is there a reason for it? Like do you use rubber elastic or something on the hem? I’ve been trying to find shorts for under skirts and dresses for when I swing dance (fast lindy) without them riding up and this looks like a good solution to try!

    Thank you so much!

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