Glasses and the Internet

There is a very interetsing piece in today’s New York Times about the ‘all black’ issue of Italian Vogue. I promise you I will be first in line at my local bookstore to purchase. It just kind of shows that the world is watching what’s happening in the US presidential election.

Today, I ordered new glasses. From Hong Kong. Trena totally turned me on to this website where you order glasses from overseas. Optical4less lets you try them on virtually.

At $29 a pair and free shipping, it was still several hundred less than I paid for one pair three years go.

Now, I just have to wait it out two weeks!

P.S. I usually wear contacts all the time. But, have spent the last six months squinting at everything from cans of Mountain Dew to street signs on the corner. I just don’t see as well out of them as I do my glasses. So, why not get some specs that can be changed to match my outfits, right?