I probably have lead poisoning

Gah. This was a lot of work! You try putting up an awning by yourself!

First you have to strip 60 years worth of paint. It took me two weekends because my hand and back were sore after last Saturday’s go at it. I stripped rather than sanded because the paint was flaking off. I also used an electric heat gun instead of chemical stripper. I’m 100 percent in love with the heat gun. This fall I’ll do all my window sills too.

As I was sweeping up the old paint, it occurred to me that it was probably lead paint. Oh well. At least I wasn’t eating it.

So, next year I’ll add window baskets to the house. Joanns actually has some nice ones that will work. Maybe end of season clearance.

Now, I just have to put some order to the inside of the house.