A Clown’s Muslin

That, my friends, is how Marji described my two-tone coat muslin after I e-mailed her a photo. How, you may ask, did I end up with a muslin that’s two colors, too small and with seam allowances that don’t know if they want to be in or out?

Well, Saturday night I slept with my front door open waiting for the paint to dry. The security door was locked and the alarm was on. But, I had trouble sleeping. So, when I woke up around 3:00 a.m., I decided to make a muslin.

This, is why you don’t sew at 3:00 a.m. The white stuff is pattern ease and the red is some twill from the stash. I couldn’t get the red muslin to work (because I was drunk with sleep) so I sewed up the actual pattern I traced off so I could double check my measurements and markings. Ummm, brilliant.

Oh, and those pants? Those are my gardening / painting overalls. I’ve had them for seven years.

Marji suggested I, “make it one color, mark the thing with a center seam she could see, and put on the skirt” so I would have something that she “could actually look at”. The email and follow up verbal reinforcement had me rolling. At any rate, I traced off the new size this morning before work and did a flat measure. The sizing is better. Hopefully I’ll get some time this week to actually cut and sew a new muslin.