I cannot believe I did that

Edited to add:
This morning I promised Ann I would name my first born after her if the fabric shipped today. She’s come through for me. I always liked the name Ann….

So, here’s hoping that UPS cooperates and delivers the fabric next day like they did last time.

I see I’m not the only one who fell in love with the print after seeing Gigi’s use of it! Ann still has some. I see there are four yards less now than this a.m. Two of those are mine!

I decided last night that I wanted a new dress to wear to a Fourth of July party Friday night. I had Simplicity 3503 on hand and this beautiful fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics.

Even though the panels are more rectangular than square, I decided that I wanted the borders to cris cross rather than run across me. This would of course require a bias cut. No worries! I had four yards on hand and the pattern calls for three. Plenty of room to work around.

I got everything cut out and was ready to do some assembly this morning. Except. Gulp. I could only find the front skirt fabric. I looked and looked trying to figure out where the back panel got to.

I eventually found it. With a bodice shaped panel cut out of it. Yes. In my cutting, I took what I thought was scrap fabric, and cut the bodice from the back skirt.

And I don’t have enough left over to do another skirt. So, I placed a second order to Ann first thing this morning and will pray to the sewing gods that it leaves Boston today and reaches me by tomorrow. It’s happened before. It can happen again. Right?

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