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BurdaStyle Swimsuit

After hearing our podcast, Christina peeped me to a more modest swimsuit available for free download on BurdaStyle. Not that I have a problem with skin on the beach, but it’ll be good for Panama (with my mom) next month. Plus, if it all works out, I can crank one out for my mom. Who I don’t think has bought a suit in 15 years.

I appreciate what BurdaStyle is doing. I think they are great for the hipster sewist / designer. And I think this vintage inspired swimsuit is pretty fabulous.

But, so far I’m unimpressed with their pattern drafting and instructions. Nothing a decent technical writer couldn’t fix. Why?

  1. The sizes are S-M-L, but the size chart doesn’t tell you where your Burda size fits in with that. I’m cutting a medium top and a large bottom.
  2. The directions mention notches for inserting the inset that aren’t present on the pattern. So you have to guess how much to gather the bodice inset.
  3. The crotch pattern piece is missing a ‘cut on fold’ fold line so you stare at it for ages trying to sort out how it goes into the suit. Or, it’s missing a ‘fold line’. I’ve cut it both ways and will figure it out.
  4. The directions make NO mention of using elastic to finish off the legs or, how to finish the legs at all. Or that elastic along the back might make it fit better.
  5. I’m pretty sure the ‘back’ pattern piece (strap) should be cut on the fold. Again, no fold line mentioned.
  6. And there is one random pattern piece that is unmarked
  7. A few letters in the corners to mark seam construction wouldn’t kill them them either.

This is my muslin. I’m going to try and construct it tonight on the serger. I am tempted to pull out lining and put it together properly. But, as much as this channels Wonder Woman and as funny and cute as I think the suit is, two good friends say I absolutely can not wear an American flag inspired swimsuit.