Star Spangled Muslin

First, I want to say thank you to BurdaStyle for taking a moment to comment on my post earlier about the issues I saw with the pattern. They said,


We at BurdaStyle are happy to see that you are trying our bathing suit pattern. I see that you had some comments on it.

Most of our patterns are designed in New York and produced in Germany, where they undergo several quality controls before being posted. The same goes for the instructions.

The smaller and simpler patterns are currently produced in New York. We are working on a better quality assurance system for those and hope to have it in place soon.

We are happy about all feedback and will integrate it in our revision.
Thanks so much and let us know how it came it after all!


Now, my thoughts on the muslin. I know it’s hard to tell with my body etched out, but I’ll try to paint you a visual picture. For the inset, just gather it super narrow. The first time I did it, the bust practically spread to my shoulders. There are no notches here or on the bodice to indicate where to place or how much to gather (even though the directions say there are).

Second, I need a sew-in bra with generous support to wear this style. I was thinking I could wear a regular sew in bra that I’ve used for other projects, but it wasn’t working. I need more lift. And I need to increase the height of the bodice and the height/width of the inset (or alternatively add an inch or the bodice length). I think that will make some sort of FBA. I cut out the little strap mid bust because there wasn’t enough fabric in the insert to make it look cute. Instead, the girls just looked droopy.

I also need a tad more length in the bottom of the swim legs. And I was right, the back strap should be cut on the fold.

And, the suit will ride without elastic along the legs. They aren’t quite boy cut.

I was also right about the crotch piece, cut on the fold. If you look closely at my crotch (but not too close please, lol) you can see the crotch piece. That seems odd to me. But, then again, it’s not that big a deal.

Overall, it’s a cute pattern. I’m not going to make up a real version this summer because of the sew in bra needs. I have several other patterns I could try out. So, if you’re less busty or have the bra on hand, I say go for it! But, muslin it and baste in the inset so you can get it where you need it.