Red Clover, Red Clover

I had no intention of blogging tonight and realize I’ve been neglectful of the blog. But, I’ve been very busy at work (I worked a lovely 10 hours this weekend and had that insane bike ride below) and will continue to be until next weekend. Which translates into: no sewing. But, as I laid down in bed to watch tonight’s Project Runway, Baltimore got hit with a torrential downpour and my DirectTV satellite signal went out. Curses.

Note the sheer joy on my face of the 6:00 a.m. bike ride before work for work on Friday. 10 miles. I thought my legs were going to fall off.

But, I’ve received two lovely things in the mail this past week that I wanted to share. Dearest Carolyn sent me a copy of the July 2008 Italian Vogue — the one that uses only models of African descent for their spreads. While it’s going for $40 and other craziness on eBay, she gave me her only copy because I was a slow poke and didn’t respond to her first email saying she was going to go buy hers and asking if I needed one. By the time she checked on me the second time (I love this woman), there was a 30 person waitlist for it at my bookseller. And the magazine is lovely, but best, best, best of all is the Vogue Italia came with a copy of this:

It has a short spread of all the runway shows for Fall 2008.

For me, this is fabulous because I’m designer challenged. I don’t know DVF from DG.

There is so much inspiration in these pages that I’m buzzing to get back to my machine. This also came with a note from Carolyn to not even think of ways to pay her back. Oh, did I mention that she’s awesome?

Second… Houston, we have red Clover products. If you remember, I posted several months ago about my desire for the red Clover products. Turns out they are only available in Japan. Well, I asked a local associate originally from Japan and she had her niece pick them up and mail them to me.

metric tape measure, seam ripper, eyelet hole thingy, buttonhole chisel, tracing wheel

Whee!! They are so pretty! You know me folks, form over function. And, Yaeko refused to take payment for them. People are awesome.

Finally, Burdastyle has reworked the Allison swimsuit pattern and added the missing markings on the pattern. I didn’t see new directions when I went to look, but this is a nice improvement.

Trena’s also talking about popping in this weekend for a quick visit, so mayhap I’ll get a little sewing in. Tuesday she’s my date to the the Chinese Embassy’s new facility in DC and we have to go together looking all cute :-).

And now, I’m going to watch Project Runway Australia on YouTube. Thanks for the heads up Belinda! I loooove that they drop the F-bomb and don’t get bleeped.

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