Wanting the unattainable (and the ‘spensive)

I am finally the proud owner of a ‘real’ kitchen knife. Sadly, as much as I cook, I tend to work with the $30 variety and pitch it when it’s beyond use. I’ve noticed that all my friends who complain about the condition of my knives and tell me I need new ones got their Wusthofs and Henckles from their wedding registry. Just an observation….
At any rate, this weekend I sat through a friend’s stepson’s Cutco spiel and bought a kitchen knife based on the product reviews and personal use (yeah, people sold them to my parents when I was a kid). Wait, am I old enough to buy stuff that my friend’s children like my parents did when I was younger? Oy. Here’s to a lifetime of Joe Corli pizza, magazine subscriptions, wrapping paper and boxes of Florida oranges.

I’ve decided to rename the ‘Essentials’ set (not to be confused with the Homemaker, Kitchenette or Studio set) the Potentially Real Cook Starter set.
More importantly, I’ve become obsessed with Cutco’s discontinued sewing / dressmaking shears.

Last year they had a sewing and embroidery set. Now, I don’t know how much the original sold for. But, the discontinued model sold on eBay it went for over $300.

Yet, I see that Cutco Australia has it. For $247 US for the two. Or $96 USD for the sewing scissors (have I screamed ‘darn the eternally weakening dollar’ this week?). It’s insanity for me to want these. But, look at the pretty blue handle! And the adorable block it comes in!

Further research tells me that Cutco also made bent handled shears! They were $59 retail, but sold for over $100 on eBay late last year.

Yes, I know there are Kais and Ginghers easily available to me. And, I have perfectly good scissors and am not REALLY going to track these down. But, I sure do like the exotic and unattainable.


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  1. Did you ever find the Bent Sewing Scissors from Cutco. I wish they would make them again. My sisters have them and they are the best.

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