Episode 5: The Same Room Podcast

Here’s a recent (like made in the last two mornings before work) sewing project. I was asked to show some of my clothes in an internationally themed fashion show this weekend that I’m helping with through work. I said sure. Then, I was asked to make a couple more things. I went looking for the EASIEST pattern I could find and decided on this 8-2002-113 from BWOF with some wax print fabric from last summer’s trip to Ghana.** I was very clear that I’m not a designer and that these are made from patterns.

BWOF 8-2002-113 

It’s so adorable on that the girl modeling it this weekend bought it from me. She’s getting it tonight so I thought I would snap a quick pic. I have to tell you I didn’t charge enough (I was surprised she asked) and now I kind of want to keep it for myself. Oh well!

I’ll try and post more about it after the weekend. But, it’s generally an a- line, off-shoulder dress with a wide obi-style belt to nip in the waist and elastic at the top to create the ruffle look. Oh, and it has POCKETS!

She’s wearing a Vintage Vogue blouse and I’m wearing is 9-2003-104 BWOFthat I made last year 

Here’s Trena and I at our ‘Embassy Party’ last night (refer to podcast below). Said party served no alcohol and more importantly, had no food. They talked about the imported marble from Italy and China and all I wanted was a handful of nuts. I drove 1.5 hours in DC traffic and braved protesters and Secret Service and they can’t even give me a carrot? You cannot do that to be after work. I mean 7 to 9! Doesn’t that automatically mean you have to feed people something? I owe Trena another Embassy Party.

But, I am wearing my plaid glasses from Zennioptical.com. I’m obsessed people. $16 for Burberry-like plaid prescription glasses! I’ve decided I can have as many glasses as I like at this price. Trena says I don’t buy jewelry so these can be my accessories!

Trena and I were together over the weekend and taped a new podcast. Without new BWOFs to guide us, we just decided to free associate, because that’s how we roll.
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