Fashion Show

So, part of my job is helping run the entertainment and marketing of a multicultural / international festival. This year, we did a fashion show and I was asked to show a couple of garments. It’s so awesome seeing other people in things you made. No worrying about how *you* look! You can just appreciate your work. (Just want to reiterate that I was very clear with each and every person that asked that I was not a designer, that I used patterns and that I don’t have one single original thought / design in my head. )

Below are the clothes:

This bikini is two patterns. The top is self drafted and, the bottom is the Patrones swim shorts from issue #234.

Here’s the BurdaStyle swimsuit. This time with lining and using Isabelle’s wonderful directions.

The maxi dress is Simplicity 3503 and the two others are BWOF 5-2007-124 and 2-2002-113.

Two swimsuits and one dress sold to models. The other two dresses were definitely not for sale 🙂

I look a little busted (and short) because I’d been outside about 10 hours at this point!

I didn’t get to do the flood (when all the models walk out with the designers) at the end because I was backstage. But, I took a few photos with the girls before and after the show.

I’m now exhausted and have to be back out at the festival tomorrow. So, to bed I go!

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