Kath & Kim

I’m a little concerned that NBC is remaking the Australian hit, Kath & Kim. I started watching after my mom and I went to Australia three years ago and was hooked when it began airing on Sundance channel. This morning I saw a promo for the American version. It just doesn’t seem like it can be as funny without the Australian accent.

Speaking of Australian accents, on Episode 5 of Project Runway Australia, one designer chucked her model because ‘she has a swayback and a bit of a booty’ and thought it would be too hard to ‘fit her in tailoring’. Helene is officialy now my least favorite designer.

On the American Project Runway, season 5, I am inspired! I’m leaving for Panama next Thursday (two weeks baby!) and plan on getting my hair colored like my new best friend, the model Shannone. Seriously… how FABULOUS is she with reddish hair and two-strand twists?? I’m not fully committed to the color change, but I’m seriously thinking about it. I also think I need a bit of a cut to get the shape, but Trena says color will be enough.

And in sewing news, I made a muslin last night for a vest out of the July 2007 Knip Mode. I had to make like a 1.5 inch forward should adjustment. I should get a lot of work done on it this weekend. I’m going to use the fabrics above (left over from this dress).

Finally, thank you all for the lovely comments on my little runway show at the International Festival last weekend. It was a quite a thrill to see those girls strutting thier stuff. Monday night kicks of Baltimore’s Fashion Week too. I don’t have anything entered, but because of my, ‘enthusiasm’ for the trade, I’m staffing my boss at some of the events.