Recycling trends

Today’s vests take me back to college and the GAP tartan vest I bought on clearance in an extra small. An extra small was all they had, so I wore it unbuttoned. Ah, youth.

At work, circa 1999. Ugh. ‘Anchor hair’

1o years later, I still love vests. This time, I’m working up a Knip Mode from July 2008. I’m not even bothering with asking for translation help. It’s a basic vest pattern and it’s not too tough. I like that today’s vest have fun embellishments like these ruffles.
The main vest is constructed and the lining is waiting to be cut out. I did a muslin and made a forward shoulder adjustment of 1.5 inches (must spend less time at computer).
The question now are the buttons (I’m not doing the belt). Turns out I have an ABUNDANCE of gray buttons! Right now, I’m leaning to the tailored look of the fabric covered shank buttons on the left. I’m planning on making the skirt and blouse too and think it will add to the businesslike look.
Hmm, I guess I’m finally doing a mini-wardrobe. But, due to my upcoming two weeks out of the town, I won’t be able to finish in time for the contest 😦

I’m still undecided on what, if anything, I’m going to take to work on while on vacation. Mom has a list of things that still need to be made for the house and I’m getting increasingly attached to my sewing accoutrement. My gravity feed iron is down while I wait on a re-shipment of demineralizer (first batch came already oxidized). My 12-year-old Rowenta Sew N Press just ain’t gettin’ it done like it used to.