Fug or Not? What say you?

When in the city, my mom tries to pick up copies of an Argentinian pattern magazine called Moldes, Paso y Paso for me. There are about 10 patterns in each, and I generally like one thing out of the mag.

But, for $1.75 it doesn’t hurt to get them. I like this knit top. Not for the print, take a look at the line drawing. What a fun way to use your knits.

I haven’t met a vest I don’t like. This might be a good way to try out my first notched collar.

Now, the question of the day…..I’m very intrigued by these pants. But, I’m not sure if they are fug or not.

I can see these being awesome for work. Is it a skirt? Are they pants? Seriously, these are pants that people would stop you on the street and ask you where you got them. Or, point at you with giggles and whispers to thier friends. They are way more ‘fashiony’ that I usually wear. But, I lurve them.

I’m also just not sure. Fug or not…. What say you?