There are several things I forgot about Panama. First, my parents don’t drink coffee. So, next time I have got to bring a coffee maker or a French press.

Second, is that the manequins here have the most ridiculous boobs I have ever seen. Like gravity defying, scientifically-impossible big. Here’s what I’m talking about:

These are from regular clothing stores — yes, plural. Not at Love Craft or something. Not in the red light district. In the mall! Ridiculous, right?

On a plus note, I found a new fabric store in El Dorado Mall in Panama City. Actually, there were four fabric stores in the mall. The linen ($6.95 a yard) below is the same as a skirt I bought in Australia three years ago. Just a different colorway.

Some pretty eyelets too. I needed a knit lining ($1 a yard) to make up a skirt while I’m here.

You know what else I found? Retin-A for $17. Without a perscription. That beats the $120 it costs me back home (not covered by my insurance). I actually use Retin-A micro, but for less than $20 I’m willing to give this a shot.

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