Oh Happy Day!

This morning someone asked me why I would come all the way to Panama to sew clothes when I could do that at home. I told them it’s no different than travelling to play golf or sail. I could do all those things at home, but it’s my hobby, it’s what I like to do and it relaxes me. Besides, I haven’t had time to brush my teeth the past couple of months nevermind sew for fun.

After taking Judith’s advice, I pinched coffee from an expat neighbor. That’s when the Colonel (mother) decided to give up the goods and told me that coffee is in fact easily available. A five minute walk to the local fonda and I had my 35 cent cup of Panamanian Duran Coffee.

I can’t remember the last time I spent less than $1.25 on coffee.

These guys are gardeners and were getting their breakfast. Rice and yucca. We went back for lunch today (before the six hour power outtage, lol). Soup, rice and beef for two. Our bill was $3.25. A lot of the Americans here spend gobs of money running back and forth to the City for ‘American’ food. I actually like the local food. And, it’s dirt cheap. Last week my mom got a grocery bag of mangos for free. They were just falling off the tree along the road. I’m going to try my hand at a mango cobbler this weekend.