I have no school spirit

My old college roommate has moved back to the area so her husband could take a football coaching job at our alma matter. She’s asked me to go to Maryland’s season opener with her tomorrow. Today, I asked about attire and she said, ‘jeans and a Maryland shirt.”

I don’t own a lick of College Park paraphernalia. I also didn’t attend a single game when I was in school there. But, our colors are red and white (and maybe yellow and black?).
Enter, the chain link tunic. I was working on this BWOF tunic #118 from the August 2008 edition in Panama and finished the hems at home with my twin stitch needle. Quite frankly, I was on the fence about even using this fabric until Lindsay T made up the most fabulous top from it.

I’ve styled it a few ways here because I want it to be a fall weekend dress but still get some wear out of it for work. I got the September Lucky and Vogue at the airport today and they all are doing skinny belts.

It was supremely easy and can be done in a matter of hours. The pattern is also the month’s lesson, so the directions are excellent. It makes my boobs look bigger, which ain’t all bad. I turtleneck is slouchy, so if you want more body you’ll need to interface it. I gathers are fun and if I were to remake, I would consider adding them to the back too.

Overall, not a bad pattern for an easy, transitional basic.

Check out wordle.net. It’ll take the most commonly found words of anything (including a blog) and do this fun little graphic.

click to enlarge to a readable size (takes you to wordle.net in another window)

In a post written Wednesday, we incorrectly attributed the best mango and brie tortilla recipe. It should have taken you to the newly engaged Melissa at FehrTrade. But, she mentioned “grill” and it never occurred to us that she could grill living on a boat. We are a little bougie that way. Miss Celie’s Pants regrets the error.


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