Incremental Sewing

In Wednesday’s post I noted that I was going to sew an hour every night. If not sew, I was going to spend at least an hour each day doing something on my project.

So, Wednesday I cut out the bodice. Thursday I cut out the lower bodice and matched my plaids. And on Friday, I constructed the basic shell of the dress.

I still have to cut out and construct lining, but it is very nice to get a general sense of how it’s going to look. Oh wait. I have to go out and buy lining, then cut and construct it.

The wool is not terribly stable. So, I’ve used fusible stay tape along the waistline and center back (thanks Nancy K.). I probably would have done well to block fuse the dress but it was all cut and partly sewn when I thought I should stabilise. But, with lining, I think that will cut down on wear and tear and possible bagging.

Last night’s dinner: Zucchini ‘Pasta’.I think I can honestly say this was my first time ever eating zucchini. It was oddly good! It wasn’t as good as lovely starchy white pasta, but it was still good.