Pardon my ingorance

Exhibit A: Banana Republic Dress. I think it was about $135 last fall

Exhibit B: Milly blouse found this morning at a local boutique. $235.

Exhibit C: My skirt made from fabric at Metro Textile $20.

Now, pardon my ignorance… but I sort of assumed that mine was a Banana Republic print all along. It never occurred to me that another designer (Milly) was off using the same fabric in a different colorway.

Orig. $358 at Bloomie’s or at Neiman Marcus for $219 on sale

Don’t we sewists love this kind of validation in our fabric taste and access to these textiles?

Last night The Cop and I went to dinner with friends and stopped by a local jazz club called the Haven after. Last weekend, there was a robbery at this club and a former City Councilman was murdered during the robbery. His funeral was on Wednesday.

Last night my office organized a gathering here. The Haven is the only place in the city with live jazz and one of the few places with live music at all. It’s in a stable neighborhood, less than a mile from me and near a college campus. It also draws a multiracial crowd — something rare in Baltimore. At anyrate, if my office hadn’t been there, there would have been two people in the club.

Right now, it’s the safest place in the city. There were no less than three cops inside and more outside. I guess I’m writing this because I feel like if we let a place like the Haven close because people stop going, then you’re really letting crime take over the good things in your city. So, if you’re in Baltimore or around the area, you should stop by. It’s a great club where a terrible thing happened.

And now, I have to mop my basement. It’s pouring rain and I’ve flooded for the second time in three months. I think I need the gutters in the back of the house cleaned/replaced.