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Trendy Sewing Machines

** Edited because Marji made a really good point.

Last night Trena and I were talking about ‘trendy’ sewing machines and how you would feel about the look of them 10 years later.

Janome recently released both the Threadbanger (above) and Magnolia series (below).

You know me. Form over function I say! I love the look of these machines because they are alternatively cute and interesting. If I could paint my current machines, I would. Plus, I think the bright colors and updated look will appeal to younger sewists.

But, sister. How out of date are they gonna be in 10 years? I think a lot of you know I have a serious thing for vintage machines.

Have a look at the Berninas which have these 80s style paint splotches. I really dislike the look of this (nothing personal, I’m just not a pastel person). And (see first comment from Marji), I think it’s because I lived through the 80s. And this reminds me of the ugly silver and blue wallpaper from our house in Fayetville, North Carolina. Sorry mom. 25 years later I still remember it and the memories aren’t good. It takes me back to pegged jeans, wearing two pairs of socks in alternate colors and sleeping with a plastic cap as not to get Jheri curl stuff all over my pillow at night.

Yet, I love the retro styling on my 70s green Kennie. Why? Probably because I didn’t live through the 70s. So I find this charming. I also like pink bathrooms that you will find in some bathrooms in my neighborhood!

And, how much do we now like the retro Singer Genie? I think it’s fun and retro. Again, I wasn’t around for the matching Angela Davis like afro.

singer genie, originally uploaded by shawnwall.

I just wonder if these new machines will stand the test of time. Or maybe it won’t matter as long as they still sew.

I don’t know how I feel about Google Reader. I like that it updates faster than Bloglines and they have an app for my Blackberry. But, I don’t care for how it posts and keeps my posts after I’ve deleted them.

Which should serve as a reminder to me not to write anything that I don’t want people to know about, lol.

No real sewing yesterday. But, today I want to cut out my dress lining, trace off some knit tops, and make some more pocket squares.