It’s kind of a wadder

Sunday night I decided it was time for some long-sleeved knit tops to transition through the fall. Although, fall lasts for like a hot minute in Baltimore. I pulled some old BWOFs and picked out some easy designs. I chose 10-2005-114 because it’s four pieces. Two hours max from start to finish. But, despite its extreme cuteness on one Christina, I do not care for it on me.

First, I think I need an FBA in BWOF knits, hence wrinkles near the arm pit. Second, note to self: don’t ease sleeves with a serger (take a close look at the left shoulder). Third, go up two sizes in the hip — drag lines around the waist.

Don’t forget to make a swayback adjustment — see massive pooling above. Last, don’t use swimwear fabric. Well, I don’t know that it was sold as swimwear as it was in a gifted bundle from a friend, but I felt like I was on the set of Fame walking the halls at work — all nylon and spandex.

Considering I don’t love the fabric, I’m not upset and I’ll still wear it. Why? Because it looks just fine under a suit 🙂

Fall means baking for me. Over the weekend I made multigrain sandwich bread from Cooks Illustrated. Great with peanut butter in the morning. Delish.