Garments no longer with me

Carolyn’s post about cleaning out her fall closet got me thinking about sewn garments no longer with me. Especially because my mom made a comment about the number of clothes I must have. I actually don’t have a large number of clothes because not everything I’ve made in the last year is still being worn.

Both versions of my beloved Hot Patterns Cosmopolitan dress had an early demise. The blue because I got MAC Studio Fix NW50 on the front of it and it never came out.

And my wonderful, never made better, hot-to-trot, go-to dress, not to be replicated, two-tone version accidentally got a hot water wash and stretched out beyond repair. Damn you slinky and your unpredictable stretching!!

It actually causes me physical pain and some nausea to talk about what happened to the two-tone version. I’m still on the hunt for the perfect color combo to try again. I need a chocolate matte jersey to go with the lavender I recently got.

The BWOF blouse below died because I used cheap and nasty interfacing so the facings were bubbly and gross after a few washes. Also, I should have washed and dried the blouse twice because it also shrank after those washings.

The BWOF dress below was always a touch small in the back. Twice I found myself repairing seams in the back shoulder. It was also too small in the bicep. And, bad button placement didn’t give me the support I needed in my bust. One more inch down and I’d still wear it 🙂 But, I gave it to a B-cup friend from work who lurvs it.

Then there are the black seersucker pants which were awful on me. But, I can’t even bear to bring that photo up again 🙂

Sadly, I’ve, er, outgrown this jumper. It went to another woman in my office. It was so cute with a turtleneck underneath it!

Plus, Elaray made a great point in the comments last week when I lamented that I still needed more clothes, We wear clothes everyday of our lives. We will always, always need more.”

And in that vein, back to the sewing room. But, only for two hours. The front yard needs tending and I’m at the point where I can’t see my bed again.