Sherlock Holmes: Boarding School Edition

This is the second time I’ve made the BWOF Sherlock Holmes Dress, 9-2007-117. The first time was last October at Trena’s. This dress has been waiting for hemming several weeks. But, it’s been warm warm warm and I wasn’t feeling an all-wool dress. Until today when it dropped to 60 and I needed a dress to wear to tonight’s Aida production at the Lyric.

This is the 2008 version. I wear the other one just about once a week in the fall. This one is made from the leftover grey wool from the original dress and some fabric from the Carol Collection. With the plaid skirt and leather boots, I’m feeling a little naughty British school girl– and I like it.

I am pretty proud of the matching of the plaid. There is an odd bit just below the waist that looks not ideal but nothing I have to look at 🙂 It’s remarkable how different a dress looks if you just change up the fabric.

I also added almost two inches below the bust for my low bust adjustment. I know skinny belts are in this year, but a friend brought this back from Italy for me last year and I still love it. This version is also fully lined. The original design calls for just lining the skirt.

And finally, here it is without the belt. I have forgotten in the last few years that red is my favorite color. And, I’m currently in love with big, bold plaids.

I got the sewing machine! The cop and I drove up Friday night. It’s awesome. I’ll show some photos soon. I decided this week to move my sewing room from the smallest bedroom to the basement. I’ll make the small bedroom a den with the tv and computer. It’s going to take a lot of work but will be totally worth having the space. In the meantime, my creative space is in flux.

And, I wore the bubble dress to work on Friday and have never gotten so many compliments on a dress at work in my life. I’m absolutely going to be making it up again! Thank you for all your comments on it too. It’s such a fun and easy dress, I hope I get to see your versions soon.

This is my last post for the next two weeks. I leave for Egypt on Wednesday and won’t have regular computer access. So, I will chat with you all when I get back! Happy Sewing!

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