The Woman’s Center

If you would like to see the sights of Egypt, I want to refer you to last year’s posts. This year, I was traveling with my boss and it was non-stop meetings for four days. One day though, we visited a woman’s center in Luxor, Egypt. The goal of the center is to teach single women and widows skills so they can earn a living and not have to be supported by the government.
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The average salary in Egypt is about $40 a month. Here at the center, the women are taught to make straw bags and hats, weave tapestries and carpets and sew quilts, much of it done by hand.

The looms here were used to make rugs from old clothes

These are handquilted

The quilts above and below was listed at 1,000 LEP, about $181 USD. Doesn’t the one above look like a painting?

It was really beautiful work and quite inspiring. The center was started with a micro loan and is run by the Luxor Governorate. They will eventually sell the products in Luxor and Cairo and return to profits to the women. This allows them to learn a new skill and earn a living.

I so badly wanted to take this one home with me for my mom. But, they told me it wasn’t finished correctly and weren’t set up to start selling yet.

Here they are making a tapestry / carpet on one of the looms