SWAP ’09

Have you seen the new SWAP rules over on Stitcher’s Guild? Sewing for the contest officially started yesterday:

4 bottoms – jeans, pants, shorts, skirts or kilts.
6 tops – t-shirts, shirts, blouses, or camisoles.
1 jacket – a tailored blazer, jeans-style jacket, sweater or shawl will do, as long as it looks right with everything else.

All garments must be made between November 1/08 and April 30/09.

Like last year, I’m very tempted. But, the lack of at least one dress makes me hesitate. But, I did pull these fabrics together. For the most part, the fabrics are bo-ring. But, that’s EXACTLY what I need! I need basic solids that can coordinate and expand my wardrobe. I love me a print! But, dressing for work is getting harder and harder.

The first is the jacket fabric. I kind of wish (and might) make two different jackets. Six months is a lot of time for me to sew.

This is the bottom lot. There is one linen in there. The other two are wool.

This is the top lot. Yep. Cream, white, white on white and pink. Basic. Remember, I don’t even own a white blouse!

And these would be dresses for the spring. Not a part of the SWAP. But, something I’d like to add in.

I don’t have many patterns actually in mind. I know all the bottoms would be pants. And, I would like this to transition me from winter to spring.

I’m not fully committed, but I’m super interested. And, I could start on Tuesday. My office is closed for the election. Not that I won’t be party hopping that night! Can I just say that I can’t take another close election? I didn’t sleep for three nights back in 2000. Either way, I’m all about landslides.