Nov. 4

When I pulled up to my voting place, there were so many people outside that I thought there was some sort of rally. Seriously. I was very confused. In five years of voting in Baltimore City and 14 years of voting, I have NEVER waited this long to vote. Like, ever. 1.5 hours. Dude. From my initial count, there were about 150 people ahead of me and about 50 behind me when I snapped the photo.

That, doesn’t even count the people inside the school. And, it started to rain and no one moved. It is awe inspiring. I honestly had a real, live tingle in the voting booth. You can be sure I got my free Krispy Kreme and Starbucks when it was over.

On the plus side, I made friends with Katherine from Ace of Cakes (one of the decorators). I was in front of her in line. Check out her watch. Little does she know but I’m about to become her best friend.

Luckily, my office was closed today, so I got a jump start on my SWAP. Which, Carolyn says I’m not allowed to call ‘Boring, Boring, Baltimore Basics’. My initial name is not a slight. I’m thrilled with my wardrobe plan. It’s exactly what I need. Some boring, boring basics.

I’ve started on a pair of Vogue 8457 pants. Pants, that generally look exactly like every pair I’m planning on making. Wide-legged trousers. I am taking the chicken route and making pants that I know will work on my body. Not slimming, but not horrible and baggy in the back either.

I cannot find the directions though. I’ve been winging it. I should be done over the weekend. New pants for Monday!!

I love the entrepreneurial spirit. The little girl on the right was selling Girl Scout Cookies at the polling booth today. I may have bought a box. Or two. Okay four. It’s those darn Thin Mints that get me every time!