Well now

I have actually finished my Vogue trousers. But, I can’t show them to you because I don’t have anything to wear with them yet. And I could show them splayed out on my hardwood floor or dangling from a hangar. But, I suspect you all would talk about me (because I would talk about me too). So, in that vein, I’ve started on my second boring, boring basics piece.

I’m making this up in 100% non-stretch white cotton. I thought I wasn’t interested in tuxedo blouses anymore, but I’m seeing loads of gorgeous slim cut tuxedo suits out. To be honest, this isn’t boring. The December BWOF has a gorgeous tux coming.

I thread traced the pleats after marking them with white wax chalk every 2.4 cm (0r ‘a scant 1 inch’). It wasn’t awful. I watched Stylista while doing so. But, should you take on this project, I recommend Sigrid’s tracing wheel method. Doh!

The pink lines are the fold lines. Each gets top stitched 5mm from the edge (or 3/16ths of an inch. It was far easier to suss out 5mm than 3/16th. I hate fractions).

Ta da….

I’m all cut and interfaced. We’ve got Tuesday off for Veteran’s Day. I may well have it finished by the end of the day!

The Norwegian Naval Academy training vessel is in Baltimore this week (they were in Bermuda two weeks ago). I’m very inspired to make something double breasted soon. I clearly have a thing for the military inspired look.