These things take some time

I tried to work diligently on my tuxedo shirt yesterday. But, the Real Housewives of Atlanta kept sucking me in. I’m fascinated that ‘success’ is measured by how much money your husband or married boyfriend has. Or that the only way black women can be wealthy is by marrying an athlete. (Why is there no icon for eyeroll?) I’m not alone in my new found love, Anderson Cooper told Ellen he can’t turn it off. Honestly, I like the show. It’s such a trainwreck. Ok. I think this is my last bit of social commentary for a couple of weeks, lol.

The only thing I’m not loving is the use of a fusible knit interfacing in the button placket / facing. This is my go-to method. But, in the white, the yellowish glue shows through a bit. I really need to start facing with muslin.
** ETA, the directions did not call for interfacing the facing. It’s supposed to be self-folded, but I went ahead and interfaced (I thought there was a boo boo).

At any rate, I’ve still got a bit to do. Hem the shirt, make 19 buttonholes, sew on said 19 buttonholes, add collar and cuffs. I am using a contrast fabric for the inside cuffs and collar stand. I’ve always liked that pop of color. Oh, and I’ve got to buy white shirt buttons.

There’s my collar sitting on the kidney shaped ham. I used it to steam press shaping in to the collar. Trena always says that shirts take way more time than you think. She’s right.

Thanks to all of you who left a Veteran’s Day comment. My mom was tickled pink when she read my blog last night. And, turns out an old colleague of hers from Grafenwhoer, Germany is a blog reader. It really is a small world after all.