What to do, what to do

I don’t consider myself much of a negotiator, but I’m going to need those skills come Thursday night when Trena gets here. Why? Well, we knew we were seeing each other this upcoming weekend so, we did a joint FabricMart order to save on shipping (and she can’t get packages at home).

Here’s the back story. I wanted to make the Cop ties for Christmas. I figure a Saville Row bespoke tie goes for $120. If I make him like five, I’ll be the greatest girlfriend ever. No, seriously, he loves ties and has been harping the last few weeks that he needs to upgrade his wardrobe.

At any rate, I told this to Trena and she said she’d give the silk tie bundle (10 yards for $20!) a go since we could cut it on the bias and make some great bindings, etc. We also decided to each get a button bundle (more on that later). This way, I figured we could mix and match to get the best choice fabrics and we always share our buttons anyway.

Sigh. The fabric came today. Below, are the three bundles we got.

Stripes Assort #1

Stripes Assort #2

One geometric/small print bundle

Above is the bundle I’ve created for myself from the three bundles.

I think I’m going to have to bargain to keep these five. But, I HAVE to keep the plaid. And the purple and white. And the pale blue with stripes. Luckily there are two burgundy with stripes. Darn it. She can have all the rest. Just let me have these five!

Sigh. I’ll let you know Friday what I ended up with.