A button thing

My white buttons for the tuxedo shirt came in a couple days ago. It took less than a week to get here from Hong Kong. All told, $6 for about 50 buttons (including shipping).

The ones on the right are teeny. I need to check out a men’s shirt to compare. Right now I’m resisting the urge to make the buttonholes in a different color. This solid color thing is killing me.

The Fabric Mart button bundle is one of my favorite things. You get four pounds of buttons for $6. The two times I’ve done it I’ve gotten a large variety of buttons that essentially save my from buying buttons from the store. Since most buttons I like shamefully start at like $2 for three, this is a lifesaver.

This time, the button bundle was pretty bland. But, these are the standouts.

I have a thing for military style buttons or crests.

Carolyn pointed out that buttons that have a ‘name’ on it make your clothes look more RTW.

These look handpainted and would be awesome on a coat

And these look like the buttons FM is selling for $1 each

The rest, meh. But, you definitely get your $6 worth out of the bundle.