In search of a knitting book

Many years ago I thought I would be interested in knitting. All that came out of it were some acrylic potholders and a scarf or two for my mom and dad. This weekend in Philly, I was so taken with Spool and its sister store Loop, that I walked out with this:

This is going to be one expensive scarf.

Both stores are very sweet. Spool has wonderful, trendy quilting cottons and a slew of Amy Butler patterns. Loop has a lot of pretty knitty things that I don’t know how they are used and lots of different yarns that don’t look like the acrylic stuff I’ve bought at Walmart before.

They waited so patiently for me to complete my total impulse buy

I don’t want to start knitting. I cannot afford it. I have one hobby that takes a chunk of change. I have tendonitis which knitting can’t be good for. I love to see what my online friends knit and I wish I could make myself sweaters. But, I have champagne tastes. I’m going to need to stay out of places like Loop to stick with the no knitting.

At anyrate, I can’t find the one knitting book I had! I think I loaned it out during the Clinton administration and didn’t notice until now. I don’t want to buy one and the selection at the library is awful. So I’m texting my girlfriends here in the City to see what they’ve got.

I just got home and am beat, but there are fabric finds and familiar faces to talk about too!