$1.50 Burberry lining?!?!

Dude. Jomar ROCKS.

Trena and I got to Philly about noon on Friday. Our guide for the day was Karen who had gotten Connie down from Canada and Elizabeth over from Jersey (Elaray joined us for dinner).

Jomar is kind of like an old school department store in that there is loads o crap on the first floor, but an entire fabric department on the second. Once inside and on the second floor, I went straight to linings. And what did I spy? Burberry rayon twill linings. At, and I kid you not, $1.50 a yard. With a quivering hand I called Marji and emailed Carolyn, Leslie and Christina while sending a round of picture phone messages seen around the country.

I shouldn’t be out of lining for a very long time.

Jomar is a bit of work in that there is a LOT of stuff to go through. But, the bargains there are great and definitely worth a trip if you’re in the area.



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